MIOLO by Jools

Inspiration for my homemade bags comes from brocante finds near our home in south west France. Part of the summer scene, brocantes and vide greniers appear in most villages at some point in the season. Some are large, attracting many hundreds of stallholders, others may consist of just a handful of tables and a refreshment tent selling beer and coffee.

Summer brocante at the Abbaye Royale, Celles-sur-Belle, France

We browse the stalls looking for items to feed our hobbies – haberdashery (mercerie) and fabrics for me, vintage bikes and spares for him and occasionally we fall upon classic French items to add a bit of style at home.

Vintage fabrics found in French brocante sales provide inspiration for bag making. MIOLO by Jools

I make my bags in my studio next to the house and use a Juki sewing machine. Features I couldn’t do without are the settings for a lockstitch, a variable needle position and an automatic needle threader!

Totebag detail, MIOLO by Jools

Visit my post on the open-wide zippered pouches I’ve made from a fantastic pattern by noodlehead whose blog I can thoroughly recommend for inspiration, patterns and tutorials. The tote bag (pictured above) was based on a free pattern by theinspiredwren whose blog has plenty of project ideas for sewing, crochet and crafts.