Julia & Roger Moss have lived in Poitou-Charentes, south west France for 12 years. Roger is a photographer and journalist specialising in all things French and Julia works alongside him concentrating on getting the information and details absolutely right and constructing and maintaining their websites. Both share a passion for skiing which led to the launch of mountainpassions.com in 2007 but they still love travelling in France as there are always amazing things to discover and enjoy.

They bought their farmhouse in 2000 and have slowly been renovating the house and gardens ever since. It has often been the subject of magazine features and Roger has written about the trials and tribulations of French renovations and of French rural life when he was editor of the magazine Everything France.

In 2009/10, they worked together on a comprehensive Loire Valley Guide published by Footprint in May 2010. Roger is currently Features Editor for Living Magazine, a regional magazine for Poitou-Charentes and surrounding areas in western France.

Roger is a guitarist and can be seen performing solo, or partnering other singers/guitarists in the Poitou-Charentes region. Julia sings with the accomplished Chantvallon choir, based in Les Adjots/Taizé Aizie in northern Charente.


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