When the cat…

…wakes us up at 6-20am by sitting on the bedroom windowsill and meowing just like “Simon’s Cat”, we know that unless one of us goes and lets her in, we won’t get any peace.

This morning I went down, opened the front door and she was already running along the lawn in front of the house. It’s quite an assualt course  – off the windowsill onto the barn roof, across there to jump down onto the cottage roof, leap over or run along the top of the front gate to the wall then down into the front garden. I poured some food into her bowl but didn’t hang around to watch her munch her way through that before joining us on the bed and immediately snuggling into the back of my legs and going to sleep. I woke a couple of hours later. She was on her back with her paws in the air, a picture of contentment.

Author: Julia Moss

Hi, Thanks for looking at my profile. For work I manage our own websites about ski and mountains and tourism in France. For pleasure, I cook and like eating out, I enjoy gardening and growing my own veg and I sing in a choir. Restoring our French farmhouse is an ongoing labour of love.

One thought on “When the cat…”

  1. Very funny. Wonder why animals like to sleep with their paws in the air. Bouffe ‘s doing that. Pam calls that he is showing everything he has.

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